an account from one Whistler Councillor

Council meeting in review

You can read back through my Twitter feed (@whipoli) and get a brief summary of what has happened at the council meetings for the past three years. That’s a service I’ve provided since Jack Crompton was elected in 2011.

This past Tuesday, council discussed the following:
Rezoning at the old Petro-Canada site. Because of it’s old zoning from when it was a gas station, it needed to be rezoned. They held a public hearing, for which zero public attended. The work has started on the site, so it’s really a formality that council considered third and final reading on the bylaw. The site is now zoned for retail, restaurant, and rental service uses. They may not open a sales/service/rental shop for watercraft (including any kind of boats, kayaks or paddle boards.)

Direct energy systems at
Cheakamus Crossing. When they decided to implement the DES at CC, they committed to reviewing it every year to ensure that it was working smoothly. Now in it’s 4th year, they have found that they’ve over budgeted for repairs by a significant amount. ($25k /yr, only spending $4k/yr). The overage will be kept in reserves just in case the while thing blows up. I think if specific units are having problems with their set up, these reserves should be used to assess/fix those problems.

Sponsorships and branding. I’m a big fan of keeping the brand of Whistler consistent throughout the resort. That’s not to say uniformity or making it like Disneyland. However, it’s just more efficient to work together with the various stake holders. Why have 5 different people all knocking on Coke’s door asking for the same thing? Anyway, the details are yet to be ironed out, but it’s an interesting idea.

Smoke alarm testing. The fire department is holding a campaign testing smoke alarms in homes all over Whistler right now.

There was a letter from a concerned citizen saying that the traffic lights at Function and Creekside should be replaced with roundabouts. I think that would be incredibly dangerous for pedestrians and wouldn’t solve the problem. Further, turning left out of function on a weekend would be impossible.

You can read the minutes online at for all the fun.