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Truly representative government

I’ve been asked how the campaigning is going, and overall, it is good. I’ve been mentioned in every election article in our two papers. I’ve had a pretty good share of the attention at the three all-candidates events. I’ve had a warm reception when knocking on doors around town.

I had a disappointing discussion yesterday with someone well connected and in a position to endorse candidates. I asked him about his opinion of me and the campaign that I have been running. He said that frankly, he was tired of being asked his opinion, but that if asked, he supports Jack, John and Andree as they have worked hard and will continue to do so. He said that Sue is out in front by a mile, and so he will endorse her. He went on to say that she has the time, she’s not a mom, and that her business allows her the time to offer her time elsewhere. She also has an established career, expertise in her field, and so she is a great candidate. He is also throwing his support to Mike. Mike has a long history here and can speak to real estate and development. This individual went on to say that the third seat is a wild card, with slim pickings to choose from.

Essentially, this individual feels that a mom, without 30 years experience as an expert in one field or another is not a good fit for Council.

Therein lies the problem: a truly representative government is made up of all kinds. A truly representative government should be comprised of the people that live here: renters, homeowners, second-home owners, teachers, lawyers, grocery clerks, ski instructors, moms, people without kids. Unfortunately, there is a deeply entrenched notion that to be on council, you need to have volunteered lots of time for all different committees. You need to have owned a business here for decades. You certainly need to be retired to have all the time required. I disagree!

In order to represent the community, you need to be the average community member. I am that person.

And so I sit here, scratching my head, wondering if we will ever truly know representative government.

I want to assure you that I have made room in my life for this. I have the time, the drive, the passion and the smarts to read the information, to do the homework, to engage the public, and to get the job done. Our Mayor was a busy mom of two little girls, a busy lawyer, and a three time councillor. Almost every CEO or ED in this town is a busy mom balancing life and work. It can be done!!

Please help me. Vote for me on November 15th!

1 thought on “Truly representative government”

  • You go girl!!! They don’t know the kind of energy and dedication you will bring to this position! Too many people run for these positions for all the wrong reasons. You are not about the glory or power. You are about making a positive difference in your village.
    A fresh face with fresh ideas is always a good thing on a council.