an account from one Whistler Councillor

Union of British Columbia Municipalities Convention 2016


We’ve just returned home from the UBCM convention in beautiful Victoria, BC. What a week! The convention offers a wide range of sessions, lectures and round table opportunities for Mayors, Councillors and Electoral Area Directors from all over the province. It is jam packed with topics such as housing, homelessness, affordability, taxation, climate change, building codes, just to name a few.

I attended some excellent presentations on housing affordability and gained some valuable insights into our unique housing situation in Whistler. First, we are truly unique in that the municipality has done a great deal for the community with the creation of the Whistler Housing Authority in 1996, and the development of over 1900 units of affordable ownership properties. We have also challenged the business community with keeping up to an exceptionally busy and successful economy. Secondly, we have become an island, wherein we no longer have the luxury of more affordable options in Squamish or Pemberton. They are both being squeezed by increased demand from all angles, and their housing stocks are being scooped up by the Vancouver sprawl/creep/flee.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I have more information to make good decisions when it counts.

I hope to continue blogging more regularly so that I can keep the dialogue going…