an account from one Whistler Councillor

Calling Whistler Home

WHA and what I do: I was elected to the board as a non-voting representative of residents, both in WHA housing currently and of waitlist participants. We meet and discuss the following: how many rental places listed on Craigslist, the Pique, and other classifieds. We see research from experts on how much housing is needed by Whistler employers and we discuss whether projects are viable now or in the future. We also discuss what other communities are doing, what innovative ideas are out there, etc.

 I am committed to continue to work on Housing to ensure that our supply is meeting Whistler’s needs.

Rental Seasonal crunch: Every October and November, a flood of new workers arrive in town… thing is, not every single one of them will leave at the end of the season. So now we have a few new residents that stay each year. The ebb and flow of seasonal workers is not an absolute, so fewer and fewer rentals are available each year. Add to that there are homeowners that are tired of renting their suites out.

Whistler Housing Facts: We have roughly 10,000 Full time equivalents (FTE) resident workforce in Whistler in 2013/2014. About 81% of Whistler’s workforce is living in Whistler. About 13% of Whistler employers provide housing for their staff. In 2014/2015, it is expected that the Whistler workforce will be 12,500 FTE.

I am committed to looking at renters’ living conditions to ensure safe conditions and fair rental practices. 

I will work towards offering incentives to homeowners that open their suites or rent their homes to seasonal workers.

Seniors Housing: No one should be displaced from their homes if they can reasonably continue to live comfortably. The municipality has a responsibility to all citizens to ensure that safe and efficient living conditions with reasonable services are provided. The Whistler Housing Authority continues to monitor the needs and work with feedback from Mature Action Committee members. There is space allotted to a seniors housing development but at the moment it has not been identified as an immediate need.

I am committed to ensuring safe and reasonable housing will be available for seniors when the need is there.