an account from one Whistler Councillor

Protecting our Natural Resources

Protecting our natural resources isn’t just a platform item, it’s the most important thing we can do. People come here because of our unique landscape, our stunning mountains, and getting back to nature. If any of these elements is lost, Whistler is lost. We inevitably leave our impression here, but we can minimize our negative impact. And greater still, we have a chance to share what we know with the world. What a legacy that would be!
I am committed to banning single use plastic bags. They’ve done it in California. We can do it here!

Clean air: Smell that mountain air. See the vastness of our landscape while standing atop Blackcomb. It affects everything we do. Taxis left idling, long lines of traffic into Whistler, and other vehicle pollution can be managed. Smoking in public places has come a long way, but we cannot relent.

I will push for greater enforcement of our anti-idling bylaws and our anti-smoking legislation.

Impeccable drinking water: One of the most common concerns of travelers is “can I drink the water?” Fair question, when much of the world’s drinking water is subject to pollution. We have an amazing water source, and it’s delicious right out of the tap. First, we need to make our guests aware of that. Then, we need to provide water fountains around the village. Finally, we can eliminate the need for single use bottles of water. Further, we need to continue monitoring the infrastructure that moves our water around and update aging systems where needed.

I will work to protect  and promote our amazing water.

Co-existing with our furry friends:The bears of Whistler are important residents here and we must find ways to live with them yet keep them wild. I recently visited Yellowstone National Park and was so impressed with how they manage their visitors’ expectations and understanding of their bears. I would like to see a visitors awareness centre that offers Bear awareness sessions for guests and residents. This could be a sponsored program, like the Village Hosts, where a guest or resident could sit and learn about how we co-exist with our bears at Rebagliati Park.

I will support programs like Bear Aware and the Get Bear Smart society’s mission to further our understanding of bears. I will also continue to push for meticulous measures to keeping our bears and our garbage separate.