Please re-elect Jen Ford October 20, 2018

As the chair of the Transit Management Advisory Committee, I have the benefit of working with BC Transit, Whistler Transit and internal staff. We have tackled issues of schedules that change seasonally, buses that are challenged to stay on time with growing traffic up and down the highway, and the increasing cost of living.

In the fall, I am excited to see the unveiling of the Route 10 Valley Express. This route will go straight from Emerald to Function and Cheakamus. It will not go into the neighbourhoods or into the village. It is intended to make taking transit from one end of the Valley to the other easier. Currently, if you work in Function Junction, and live in Emerald, getting there can take a long time. It is faster and less hassle to drive your car. With more people wanting to reduce their trips by car, or ditching the need to own a second vehicle, we want to help that.

We have also successfully offered free transit on weekends and holidays, which helps to alleviate car traffic when the resort is busiest. It is so nice to leave the car at home, go into the village, and not have to worry about parking.